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Tropical Style

A tropical-styled room incorporates ornamental carvings in island motifs, like pineapples and palm trees, furniture made from exotic woods and framed botanicals.

Colors - This tropical palette is influenced by palm trees and sunny skies. Other palettes may include brighter hues reflecting the culture and history of the region. A Balinese interior will have deeper, richer colors, while a home in the Caribbean may contain lighter, brighter hues.

Furniture and Finishes - Exotic hardwoods like teak, rosewood and koa are used for furniture. Natural materials like cane, seagrass, water hyacinth, banana leaf and rattan are woven to form chairs, sofas and tables and a myriad of accents.

Fabrics - Look for prints that feature palm trees and their far-reaching fronds and tropical plants with vivid, beautiful blooms like hibiscus, anthurium, orchid and Bird of Paradise. For a more refined look incorporate Thai silks and floral-printed linen.

Art and Accessories - Look to the beach for inspiration and find ways to incorporate them into the room. Tropical plants set in wicker planters, shells displayed in jars or shadow boxes and baskets, mats and rugs made of natural materials like rattan and seagrass will all infuse the room with a warm-weather attitude.

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