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Upholstery Care - Tips on Caring for Upholstered or Fabric Furniture

Before you try to remove a stain from your upholstered furniture, you need to determine the type of fabric involved. Most manufacturers will place cleaning codes on the furniture. Usually you can find this information on the furniture hangtag or on the manufacturer's label. If not, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to educate you on the best cleaning procedure possible. The manufacturers' cleaning codes suggest the best methods for cleaning and removing stains.

Here is a reference list of those cleaning codes. If you are in question, contact the manufacturer for more detailed cleaning instructions.

WS This fabric may be cleaned with water-based cleaning agents and foams, as well as with mild, water-free dry cleaning solvents.

W Use water-based cleaning agents or foams only.

S Use only mild, water-free dry cleaning solvents.

X Do not use foam or liquid agents on this fabric. Vacuum or brush lightly to remove soil.

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