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Tired of NOT Sleeping? You’re not alone.

According to a poll reported by the National Sleep Foundation in 2008, “Prolonged work days that often extend late into the night may cause Americans to fall asleep or feel sleepy at work, drive drowsy and lose interest in sex… Spending an average of nearly 4.5 hours each week doing additional work from home on top of a 9.5 hour average workday, Americans are working more and are trying to cope with the resulting daytime sleepiness….

  • Nearly a third (32%) of those surveyed say they only get a good night’s sleep a few nights per month;
  • 65 percent of Americans report experiencing a sleep problem, such as difficulty falling asleep, waking during the night, and waking feeling unrefreshed at least a few times each week, with nearly half (44%) of those saying they experience that sleep problem almost every night;
  • Nearly half of those polled say that they wake up feeling unrefreshed in the morning (49%) or were awake a lot during the night (42%) at least a few nights each week…”

Since you spend at least a third of your life in bed, let our Certified Sleep Specialists at VanDrie help you choose your mattress. We know the right mattress can help you fall asleep faster, minimize sleep disruptions and rejuvenate your body.

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