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Swivel Chair

Swivel Chairs Collection by Craftmaster
SKU: 055710SC

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Abernathy Green
Aldean Brown
Aldo Stripe
Aldo Ink
Andes Seashore
Andre Ocean
Ayrsley Houndstooth
Bannister Multi
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Abernathy Green
Aldean Brown
Aldo Stripe
Aldo Ink
Andes Seashore
Andre Ocean
Ayrsley Houndstooth
Bannister Multi
Beachbum Blue
Belize Sky
Belize Pink
Bellevue Olive
Bellevue Gray
Bensalem Yellow
Bensalem Gold
Bensalem Pink
Benson Grey
Blaine Brown
Bobcat Sherbet
Bohica Pastel
Bohica Tropical
Boxy Martini
Captiva Tan
Caravan Gray
Cedar Glen Tan
Christiane Blue
Cimarron Multi
Colonist Ecru Performance Fabric
Colonnade Gray
Colonnade Peach
Colonnade Gold
Congregate Gold
Corso Teal
Cosby Blue Stripe
Cowen Tan
Crazyhorse Stripe
Nouveau Green
Huntclub Fawn
Ipanema Pacific
Quentin Blue
Liner Blue
Preserve Mink
Passage Green
Gyles Red
Minuet Seafoam
Highlife Gold
Jabot Stripe
Jiminy Olive
Party Striped
Napoleon Tan
Peakford Earth
Frou Frou Tan
Panorama Blue
Landmark Gray Performance Fabric
Jitterbug Stripe
Landmark Ecru Performance Fabric
Fletcher Brown
Keyring Mint
Parnell Stripe
Guatemala Gray
Dunlap Gold
Falmouth Tan
Hobbit Sea
Quentin Pink
Giverny Blue
Reena Navu
Hilliard Gold
Pepper Gray
Hudson Red
Lattimore Plaid
Paddock Plaid
Fizzy Sand
Lafayette Gray
Fielding Green
Maya Multi
Pringle Red
Kilkenny Bark
Fritz Cream
Patras Greek Key
Frou Frou Red
Du Jour Brown
Lismore Stripe
Flicker Classic
Forzando Tan
Kosala Gold
Forzando Cream
Lowman Gray
Du Jour Tan
Madras Gray
Potero Stripe
Hue Gray
Jonska Heirloom
Maya Sky
Macdougal Gold
Du Jour Teal
Martha Ecru
Genberg Blue
Luchina Tan
Hero Grey
Kenya Gray
Melvin Grey
Downsview Stone Performance Fabric
Punchy Bark
Radler Red
Desantis Coral
Handpicked Gingham
Macdougal Blue
Easley Pink
Downsview Cream
Facet Tan
Rink Navy
Skipjack Gold
Sukoni Blue
Tegami Indigo
Tempo Striped
Wilkenson Sepia
Wylie Grey
Stickley Brown
Weimar Ombre
Tressie Sky
Subway Gray
Slalom Linen Blend
Trieste Ivory
Thornhill Tan
Sender Linen
Squaretop Multi
Tower Blue
Tatum Red
Survey Tan
Spratt Striped
Stat Tan
Sweater Ivory
Streamline Blue
Welsh Linen Blend
Zanzibar Animal Print
Survey Blue
Seismic Chevron
Acropolis Peach
Adia Black
Adrena Gray
Alban Trefoil
Alinga Gold
Alinga Gray
Amari Beige
Ancona Brown
Antiqua Stone
Aquafina Quatrefoil
Arkdale Tan
Ashcombe Gold
Aslen Beige
Avery Multicolor Tapestry
Avett Brown
Babson Rouge
Back Track Multi Print
Ballari Gray Ikat
Bandilino Green
Baroni Blue
Bennington Navy
Bettina Ink
Blast Gray
Brianne Gray
Brubeck Navy Linen Blend
Buck Head
Candy Shop Ruby
Cantori Tan
Capella Gray
Carmichael Gray
Carreau Olive
Carvalho Multi
Ceasar Tapestry
Chimayo Rust
Clover Print Grey
Crevelli Tan
Crump Ecru
Cubist Geometric Print
Cunningham Gray
Curvy Seamist
Cutout Gray
Dancer Chevron
Danique Blue
Danish Robin's Egg
Darting Tan
Dasher Blue
Decree Red
Delhi Blue
Delhi Charcoal
Delmonico Tan
Demure Tapestry
Heartbreak Plum
Ishtar Charcoal
Garland Multi
Liana Floral
Paragon Gray
Peacock Blue
Frayed Red
Franco Navy
Magnolia Parchment
Holloway Gray
Incito Flame
Lisboa Ivory
Hex Ice
Ocampo Coral
Optical Blue
Jinksy Stone
Pendulum China
Imagine Stone
Desert Tan
Pendulum Gold
Driscoll Gold
Limbo Mid Century Modern
Ladbrook Green
Hilltop Tan
Pathfinder Ikat
Kerrigan Charcoal
Fairtrade Jungle
Fairtrade Blue Linen Blend
Lolita Black
Honeycomb Gold
Listello Blue
Nottingham Tapestry
Lodge Multi
Domari Red
Flutterfly Green
Isfahan Ikat
Etzio Gray
Lariat Knot
Desoto Blue
Idlewood Stone Performance Fabric
Isma Navy
Globalview Fuschia
Palm Pattern
Reader Indigo
Dierdre Gray
Lazar Blue
Nutria Linen Blend
Raegan Navy
Goyito Red
Jakarta Coral
Flattered Lime
Fidelio Gray
Enhance Green
Origami Ocean
Fairtrade Ruby Linen Blend
Majora Ikat
Newlyn Leaf
Lake Lure Blue
Publish Red
Potential Blue
Liam Medallion Print
Gerbera Floral
Impromptu Gray
Julio Gray
Longrock Multicolor
Latika Blue
Marceau Brown
Peacock Gold
Gotham Tan
Epic Lime
Markland Tan
Makate Ikat
Kitsune Red
Juliet Oak
Kazakstan Classic Blue
Diamante Forest
Dierdre Lime
Publish Black
Midway Red
Mambo Gray
Kalena Red
Galapagos Coral
Magnolia Pearl
Perennial Gray
Indulgent Medallion Print
Oh My Gosh Black
Oh My Gosh Lime
Magnolia Navy
Graymere Linen Blend
Elisende Blue
Oberle Coral
Dovekiss Grey
Flamboyant Multi
Macedonia Grey
Okeefe Sky
Unchained Teal
Twizzel Coral
Trumbull Medallion
Vincenza Rust
Tyra Indigo
Tatiana Brown
Somerset Light Brown
Westbury Mid Century Modern
Summerhaus Sky
Traveler Gold
Trident Blue
Vera Green
Timothy Seafoam
Rex Taupe
Sylvester Script Print
Summerhaus Blue
Wonderwall Red
Sunnybrook Taupe
Spelding Rustic
Vandam Rose
Shena Red
Sandmoor Olive
Tanya Lime
Sherpa Blue
Strathmore Red
Spain Granite
Seabiscuit Sand dollar
Shallows Blue
Whitfield Turquoise
Silverton Charcoal
Saskia Scandinavian
Saebiscuit Blue
Shalimar Multi
Wired Cream
Ricarda Red
Sunsplash Denim
Vincent Olive
Rex Cream
Wilmington Sky
Wilmar Red
Zen Blend Blue
Rio Grande
Toile Mid Century Modern
Trouseau Stone
Skylar Tan
Soledad Blue
West Gate Tan
Saratoga Gray
Sea Quest Blue
Seybert Grey
Yvonne Robin's Egg
Rustica Blue
Steelcat Grey
Alhambra Gray
Alero Tan
Alero Beige
Alero Blue
Alero Red
Alero Grey
Alero Charcoal
Alex Brown
Alexander Tan
Alfreco Grey
Almada Tan
Alps Brown
Amigo Grey
Antalya Gold
Antalya Gray
Appeal Stone
Aptura Blue
Arcadia Ecru
Ashley Tan
Ashwood Blue
Asuri Houndstooth
Auburn Light Brown
Auburn Tan
Auburn Gray
Auburn Burgundy
Audrey Gold
Audrey Black
Auretta Floral
Avella Beige
Azure Teal
Bahama Toast Performance Fabric
Bahama Chocolate Performance Fabric
Bahama Bark Performance Fabric
Bahama Stone Performance Fabric
Bahama Moss Performace Fabric
Bahama Granite Performance Fabric
Bahama Red Performance Fabric
Bahama Ivory Performance Fabric
Bahama Ecru Performance Fabric
Bamboo Gold
Bamboo Ocean
Bamboo Navy
Bang-Bang Tan
Bang-Bang Slate
Bauer Stripe
Bella Black
Bella Brown
Bella Olive
Bengie Yellow
Bengie Gold
Bengie Red
Bennett Black
Bennett Gray
Blaze Ecru
Boom Boom Tan
Bottega Brown
Bramn Chocolate
Breakaway Floral
Breakout Sand
Brewster Gray
Broadway Tan
Bronco Red
Bronco Cream
Brushwater Multi
Brussels Rust
Burbank Stone
Burfoot Tan
Burnish Brown
Burnish Light Brown
Burnish Stone
Burnish Olive
Burnish Plum
Burnish Mauve
Burnish Burgundy
Burnish Grey
Caine Oat
Caribbean Sand
Cavalier Bark
Cenntennial Burgundy
Challenger Gray
City View Gold
Coast Tan
Community Tan
Conjure Green
Contempo Brown
Contessa Gold
Cordova Lichen
Cozumel Stone
Crepe Tan
Cristo Green
Cristo Grey
Crusade Green
Cycle Teal
Cycle Ivory
Cycle Olive
Delight Beige
Picardy Red
Khary Brown
Manuscript Print
Monet Beige
Huck Gold
Fair Green
Guest List Ivory
Maine Olive
Newton Grey
Lanai Ocean
Guest List Champagne
Glenbriar Ivory
Diver Blue
Missionary Ocean Performance Fabric
Loretto Cream
Moxie Gray
Lewis Forest
Guest List Tan
Lindsey Navy
Devon Gray
Lillian Teal
Gullpoint Sand
Peaceful Brown Ikat
Kimono Umber
Phelps Jungle
Glenbriar Tan
Linder Tan
Jefferson Rose
Lavish Gray
Plainview Tan
Maine Red
Kendall Beige
Gilpin Gray
Notion Brown
Lindsey Teal
Fleek Storm
Engage Blue
Giorgio Ecru
Huck Beige
Everly Blue
Knot Gold
Mixology Ecru
Keepsake Ivory
Fleek Beige
Diver Tan
Hokey Chocolate
Division Grey
Jetline Stone
Minette Ivory
Hootie Cream
Nyack Red
Guest List Prarie
Duchess Tan
Lillian Gold
Hokey Chestnut
Gladiator Chocolate
Leonard Burgundy
Framework Gray
Hollybrook Ecru
Guest List Gray
Greco Greek Key Print
Redding Umber
Jacob Tan
Popstitch Beige
Marina Brown
Molly Cream
Judy Taupe
Patrol Gray
Maine Gray
Eject Chocolate
Luna Floral
Pocomo Teal
Misty Tan
Piccolo Blue
Madrid Cream
Phoenix Teal
Keepers Sepia
Glenbriar Cream
Discovery Pink
Farris Gray
Fontana Beige
Hoffman Tan
Moonlight Midnight
Kato Green
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Kais Tan
Excel Beige
Nova Scotia Gray
Howard Stone
Guest List Nickel
Orsino Gray
Kyrie Wheat
Lindsey Cranberry
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Keener Tan
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Dimensions - Upholstered Chair with Arms


Width (side to side): 32" W
Depth (front to back): 35" D
Height (bottom to top): 35" H
Seat Depth: 20"
Arm Height: 23"
Seat Height: 19"
See Construction and Specifications


A chair with a simple modern look, like this one, is not be missed. Not only does it provide the perfect clean palette for adding colorful accent fabrics to your room, but it also adds plush seating for one more person at your next get-together. Chair boasts a wide flared back highlighted by a welt cord border that makes the shape pop.
The Swivel Chairs Swivel Chair, made by Craftmaster, is brought to you by VanDrie Home Furnishings. VanDrie Home Furnishings is a local furniture store, serving the Cadillac, Traverse City, Big Rapids, Houghton Lake and Northern Michigan area. Product availability may vary. Contact us for the most current availability on this product.
  • No Skirt - No Visible Leg
  • Swivel Base


Item & Dimensions
Manufacturer Craftmaster
Width (side to side) 32" W
Depth (front to back) 35" D
Height (bottom to top) 35" H
Arm Height 23"
Seat Depth 20"
Seat Height 19"
Fabric & Upholstery
Custom Options Custom Fabrics or Leathers
Fabric Options Hundreds of styles and over 1000 fabrics to choose from, allowing each customer to fulfill their decorating desires.
Style Elements
Style Contemporary
Arm Type Track Arm
Back Type Attached Back
Seat Reversible, Boxed-edged Seat Cushion
Construction & Warranty
Frame Construction 5/4 frame construction; rails are double doweled, glued and corner blocked for lasting stability.
Seat Support Double tie wires on back and seat springs for additional support; heavily gauge sinuous wire seat and back springs for comfort; insulated clips to prevent spring noise.
Padding & Ergonomics Heavily padded arms, 100% Dacron polyester fiber back cushion encased in sewn ticking with separate compartments. 1.8 density high resiliency foam core with secured Dacron wrapping; padded seat roll.
Cushion Comfort Guide
Pet Friendly Buying Guide
Reference #: 055710SC
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Swivel Chair
Craftmaster Swivel Chairs Swivel Chair
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