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Capitol Bedding at VanDrie Home Furnishings

Capitol Bedding has been crafting quality mattresses and box springs for over 60 years. What started out as a small three person operation has grown steadily over the years, but one thing hasn't changed... The fact that we still make our beds one at a time.

Using research, testing, and simple in-home experience, we have developed our own unique way of crafting bedding over the past six decades. This "hands-on" approach will provide you with, not only a higher quality mattress and box spring than the national brands, but also a better value for your dollar.

In 1946, when we opened for business, everything was done by hand. Today we do have state-of-the-art machinery in our factory, but a lot of what we do is still by hand. We believe you will be pleased to find a company that can still produce a value priced product with truly "hand-crafted" quality... Made in Michigan