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You are invited to come in and compare America’s top mattress brands side-by-side at VanDrie! Simmons, Tempur-Pedic, and Michigan’s very own Capitol Premium Bedding are among the mattresses you will be able to test in our showrooms in Big Rapids, Cadillac, Houghton Lake, and Traverse City Michigan. Our Certified Sleep Specialists will help you find the right mattress size and level of comfort, whether you are looking for an innerspring mattress, memory foam mattress, latex foam mattress or an adjustable bed base.

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Side Sleeper is the most common sleep style. As a side sleeper you should look for a mattress that doesn't add much stress on your shoulders and hips. Generally a medium-soft mattress is a good choice for a side sleeper. The soft mattress will allow you sink, relieving stress on the key body parts and accomodating the body's natural curve.

Back Sleepers need to worry about lower back support in a mattress. Generally you will want to avoid stiff springs due to the push against the spine and not providing the correct support and a mattress too soft will not give the support you will need. A medium-firm mattress is what you will probably be looking at.

Stomach Sleepers will require a firmer and stiffer mattress so the body doesn't sink. A soft mattress will let the body sink unaligning the spine and causing discomfort in the lower back. If you are a stomach sleeper, you may be suffering from lower back pain which prompts you to sleep in a style where spine alignment is at a minimum.

Combination Sleeper is where most people will fall into this sleep style category. Since you have to accomodate all the sleep styles you will want to find a mattress that suits all your sleep style needs. You won't want a mattress too soft when sleeping on your stomach and you won't want one too stiff for side sleeping.

Choosing the best Couples Mattress can be quite difficult since the taste in mattress type can differ. Since two people can differ so much in weight, body shape, and sleep position it is nearly impossible to find the one best mattress and can often cause one person to compromise or sleep apart.

Foam Mattress Construction

Foam mattresses are unique in that there are no springs in the bed at all, just different types of foam. The mattress achieves the desired feel by using a variety of high quality foam, gel memory foam, or latex. Foam mattresses are one of the most comfortable and longest lasting mattresses because they conform to your body for excellent support and pressure relief.

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Inner Spring
Inner Spring Mattress Construction

This is the original and most common type of mattress support system consisting of coils or springs connected together using wires and is very durable. A variety of foam layers are then added for perfect comfort. This is also the most economical support in mattresses and is available in a wide variety of price points.

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Pocket Coil
Pocket Coil Mattress Construction

Pocketed coil mattresses allow each coil to move independently so they can contour to your body for ideal support because each coil is wrapped individually and then joined together using glue. This is the best coil design for deferring motion transfer between bed partners and is very durable so you have a restful, undisturbed night of sleep.

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Why Buy Adjustable

Achieve the perfect night of sleep as you adjust your bed to create the ideal shape for your body. Adjustable bases provide you with relief from common health problems, relive pressure on your back, and make it easy to watch TV or read book. With a simple touch of a button, you can recline, sit up, and put your feet up, for relaxation you never dreamed possible from your bed. Restful nights of sleep are yours every night as you adjust the base to create a one of a kind sleeping experience.

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