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Click Here to shop In-stock items. Ready for Immediate Delivery!!

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Traditionally it was the style in America and Britain to have a completely separate room for dining, which more often than not was only used for dinner parties and special occasions. But now formal dining rooms with their connotation of polished silverware and fancy china have fallen out of favor with homeowners who want to enjoy their meals in a more relaxed and informal setting and view a seldom-used room as unnecessary. But that’s not to say Formal dining rooms have completely gone away – if you like to get fancy every now and then, or you are a messy cook and prefer to keep all the pots and pans out of eyesight for your guests, a separate formal dining room may be right for you. When shopping for Formal dining, Formal dining sets are larger than casual ones so they are able to seat more people. Normally formal dining room sets are 7 pieces or larger, featuring a rectangular table with 6 or more chairs, usually two of which are arm chairs.


If you don’t have a formal dining room, you probably have an eat-in kitchen, breakfast nook, or open-plan dining room. Eat-in kitchens and breakfast nooks put the seating right within reach of the cooking space for maximum convenience. Bring the host or hostess closer to the company by adding some bar stools to your kitchen counter. Don’t have an outward-facing kitchen counter? Not a problem! A kitchen island provides you with space for seating and food prep, and you can pair it with a small kitchen table or dinette set for more seating.


One of the fastest growing trends in dining sets is counter height dining tables. Counter height dining tables are fun and casual, providing more leg room for tall people. They can also be used instead of a kitchen island or kitchen counter because they are tall enough to be the perfect height for food prep. VanDrie Home Furnishings makes it easy to build a dreamy counter height dining set with counter height tables, counter height stools, and even counter height dining benches.


Do you need display space for heirloom china? Or maybe a place to keep a few of your favorite bottles of wine on hand? Maybe you just need a little extra storage for all those cooking appliances and serving platters. VanDrie Home Furnishings has plenty of options for all of your kitchen and dining storage. Choose a china cabinet with LED display lighting for displaying collections and antiques. A sideboard or buffet provides the handy storage and serving space you need. Buffets and China Cabinets with built-in wine racks help you save space and stock some of your favorite beverages for a girl’s night in.


Convert a corner of your home into a full-service bar or a self-serve coffee bar with a mobile bar cart. If you want something without wheels, try a stand-alone bar cabinet. If you need a little more space for your bar, VanDrie Home Furnishings also offers bar tables and bar counters. With a set of swivel bar stools, your home will be the neighborhoods go-to spot for entertainment and good company.