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Romantic Style

A comfortable style that appeals to the senses through soft fabrics with floral patterns, laces, painted furniture, a pastel color palette, filtered light through sheer curtains and aromatic flower arrangements.

Colors - In the bedroom above, pale blue, dusty pink and creamy white are held in place with a rich taupe to keep the look from becoming too light. While color schemes can vary in romantic-styled rooms, a space that contains a few soft, muted tones is much more conducive to rest and relaxation than a menagerie of bright hues.

Furnishings - Femininity is key when it comes to outfitting a romantic-themed space but that's not to say no man should feel welcome. To start, focus on a few items with graceful curves, then fill in with a mixture of more masculine attributes, like striped fabric, an overstuffed chair and dark wood accessories.

Fabrics - Soft, supple fabrics are absolutely critical for creating a romantic mood. For the utmost in luxury, silk should be high on your list, even if it only makes it onto a pillow. In a bedroom, good coverlet candidates include chenille, matelassé and velvet; the textural quality they bring into the room contributes to the overall aesthetic.

Accents - A subtle sparkle and shine are certainly appropriate in a romantic room. Choose a few cherished pieces to show off--above, a pearlized shell and silver vase do the trick--however, framed family photographs would be a welcome addition to this intimate space.

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